Father Time

The Lenormand Revolution’s Scything Down 2012 Spread

“Sometimes everything breaks up so something new can break through.”

― Lynn A. Robinson

Watch the video below for a brief overview of our Scything Down 2012 Spread, and then read on for further background and ideas about the spread.

In the late 1700’s an uprising known as the Agricultural Revolution took place in France. It was sparked by a catastrophic combination of poor weather conditions, meager harvests and an aristocratic class that stood by while field laborers and their families struggled with starvation. The majority of lands, owned by the Church and nobles, were the cause of further unrest due to an enforced privilege seigneriaux, or seigniorial privileges, a rural tax that pushed burdened farmers to the edge and forced them into a bloody revolt. The uprising consisted mostly of field workers who altered their rustic farm tools into battle weapons.

Father Time in the Rotunda Clock (1896) by John Flanagan

Card 10 in the Lenormand Revolution, the Scythe, features the ghost of one of these agricultural revolutionaries. We see a muted apparition holding a harvest scythe at his side. In his time this tool of trade brought down the old in order to make room for something better.

Father Time (1900)

In the Lenormand Revolution the Scythe can indicate both an uprising and harvest. It forewarns of sudden, attack-like blows and the need to cut away from outdated or harmful situations. It also points to dialogues charged with revolt and can alert us to the rebel-tongue that speaks with sharp passion when not met with equality. At times these talks may seem quite cutting and have been known to cause the end of relationships, jobs, or a certain way of being. This sense of finality can be witnessed as a scythe’s harvest-like swing that sharply severs and removes the old in order to make room for the new. Alternately the Scythe can literally be a sharp object that cuts, causes physical harm, or presages possible surgery (think surgical tools). In most cases this card counsels the use of caution and recommends we avoid situations that put us in harms way. In this sense it encourages the diamond mind— sharp and truthful thinking that understands the necessity of endings and cutting free.

Saturn as Chronos “holding a scythe and burdened by universal unrelenting time and the burdens of aging.” Historic Government Palace, Warsaw, Poland.

With the New Year approaching we begin to consider what we can bring to an end so we may start afresh. It is also during this time that we begin to notice the appearance of scythe-like symbols. Father Time is usually depicted with an hourglass in one hand indicating our time is up, while the other carries a large scythe that guarantees the end of another era. This version of Father Time is a carryover from the Greek God of time, Chronos, meaning time, and is the root of chronology. Chronos is usually shown turning a Zodiac wheel while wielding a scythe. In each case the scythe reminds us to clear the space of old doings in order for the new to step in.

Following is a Lenormand Revolution spread that promotes the Scythe’s ability to bring down the old so the new can break through. We suggest you try this during the New Year or close to the end of a personal cycle. The aim is to review the accumulated lessons from the past year. Going over the main highlights gives us the opportunity to take stock and choose what we wish to keep and/or cut away. May you enter 2013 with a sharp focus and may the conclusion of 2012 provide you with accurate aim as you harvest the end of another year.

The Lenormand Revolution’s Scything Down 2012 Spread 

Remove the Scythe card from your deck

Before starting remove the Scythe card from your deck and let it act as the reading’s overseer.

Create 3 decks of ten cards each, with the top card flipped up on each.

You should now have 35 cards remaining. Shuffle, and from the top of the deck draw 10 cards face down. Flip the 10th card over (face up) and place it on top of the 9 remaining cards you’ve just counted out. Repeat this draw three times.

You should now have 3 decks of 10 cards, each revealing one upturned card. Place these in a row from left to right under the Scythe card. These represent three areas or themes from 2012 that are ripe for completion and clearing. The card to the right is your first priority, the central card your second, and the final card being the third.


Personal clearings tend to bring resistance which can be difficult to pinpoint. However with courage and the willingness to seek truth we can find where that resistance might reside. This is accomplished through turning each of the three priority decks over. There, hiding at the bottom of each deck, it lives! To locate your resistance culprit flip over your three priority decks and you will find it lurking in the last card.

My Results

Hanging about at the bottom of my first priority, the Stork (change and movement), lurked the House (stability, home and family). For the past year my husband and I have been discussing the desire to move. Our reason is to be in a central location that’s near family. In the Lenormand Revolution the Stork/House combination relates to making changes in your domestic environment.


For my second priority I pulled the Garden (social places, gatherings, events), with my resistance card being the Clouds (anxiety and dark moods). For me this combination is a powerful affirmation. I over-socialized in 2012, both in person and online. And while I may be an introvert at heart, my profession relies on being social. During 2012 I traveled to conferences, festivals, tours, lectures and workshops. Each took me through 12 different airports with the majority of my flights being direct. The Garden/Cloud combo affirms the struggle I’ve had with balancing my personal and social life.  My daily reflection throughout 2012 has been on creating a plan that supports that change.


For my third priority I drew the Anchor (my commitment to creating stability), with the resistance card as the Bouquet (In my case I see this as a gift or invitation). 2012 was filled with invitations (Bouquet) to present my work (anchor). I’m not certain that I’m ready to take a scythe-like swing to this combo yet. It certainly ties in with the wish to create more balance while building stability through my work. I feel there is more attention I can give in that direction. If anything, 2012 has compelled me to redefine where I can best spend my time. Committing to stability means committing to what brings meaning to my life. I’m beginning to see a pattern between work and pleasure here!


A cleared path can make way for further understanding. The remaining five cards, read left to right, ask, What have I cultivated in 2012 in my:

Card 1. Body
Card 2. Mind

Card 3. Heart
Card 4. Spirit
Card 5. The Mystery


Card 1. Body:

The Mice! Lenormand readings are notorious for being literal. I’ve lost count at the number of mice I came across in 2012. Was it a bumper year for rodents? I can also see this to mean what’s been covered above—at times traveling simply wore me down.

Card 2. Mind

The Paths. Again, the literal is what I see more than anything here. I was born without an inner compass but somehow always manage to make my destination. 2012 bought me to a number of crossroads in several foreign places. On more than one occasion my mind was challenged with the, do I go right or left dilemma. This also represents being in that place of decision making and trying to locate the best approach for personal balance.

Card 3. Heart

The Child. For me this card represents new beginnings and new things. This year my husband surprised me Rosie, a four-year-old terrier he rescued from a dog shelter. My heart has grown tenfold since this sweet new thing has entered our home. Is she like having a new child? Not quite, but there is a similar joyful responsibility.

Card 4. Spirit

The Birchrod/Whip. While this card can represent heated conversations, addictive patterns and/or something that’s obsessively repeated, I’m happy to report that for me it points to a spiritual practice I adopted in 2012 that requires repetitive mantras.

Card 5. The Mystery

The Dog. For this I point you back to card 3. Rosie is my loyal companion. Knowing nothing of her past, except her age and breed, she is a welcome mystery. Mystery solved.



8 Comments to The Lenormand Revolution’s Scything Down 2012 Spread

  1. by Maralyn Burstein

    On January 3, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Carrie,this is a fabulous spread!

  2. by Carrie Paris

    On January 4, 2013 at 5:00 am

    Thank you, Maralyn. We hope you give the spread a good swing of your celestial Scythe!

  3. by Dyana Patamia

    On January 4, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    This post was so fun to read through! It’s very helpful that you included your personal reading and shared how you were interpreting the cards as I find that is the best way to learn.

    Now I want this deck. The images are perfect for this type of card use because of their elegant simplicity. I’m realizing how it allows for intuitive contemplation (deep brain thought) with the images representing a more broad area allowing one to apply their personal specifics. There is a marked fluidity that I find soothing.

    Bravo creative trio! I’ll be checking back in to see when more are available 😉


  4. by Carrie Paris

    On January 5, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    Thank you, Dyana!

  5. by Alison Cross

    On January 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    It’s taken me a while to get around to actually doing this spread – with your own wonderful Revolution Lenormand (loving it to death btw!) and, despite me being a novice at the Lenormand, I am finding results that I can ‘own’ as valid for me – and slightly uncomfortable too, which is only to be expected, given the nature of the spread!

    Looking forward to your next posting. Happy New Year btw 😀

    Ali x

  6. by Carrie Paris

    On January 9, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    We’re receiving some powerful–dare I say, revolutionary reports from the Lenormand community regarding this spread. It seems that all levels can try it on and discover immediate results. Thank you, Ali for sharing your impressions and thoughts. Our next spread will incorporate the topic of love and letters of affection. We look forward to your giving it a go!

  7. by Irina

    On January 27, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Hello! And where it is possible to buy – to order this pack of The Lenormand Revolution?

  8. by Carrie Paris

    On February 12, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Hi Irina! The Lenormand Revolution is now available and now with 4 extra surprise cards, keyword booklet and beautiful tuck box. Please visit the following link to join the revolution! https://lenormandrevolution.com/order-deck/

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