Our Deck's Revolutionary Couples

Revolutionary Couples

On March 9th, 1796, Josephine de Beauharnais and Napoleon Bonnapart married. Together they represent the first couple, or cards 29, La Dame/Lady and 28 Le Monsieur/Gentleman, in the Lenormand Revolution.

A less recognizable pair are Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais who was a spy, composer and revolutionary in both French and American revolutions. Seen loading a canon in card 29 is La Dame/Lady as Molly Picther:

“A nickname given to a woman said to have fought in the American Battle of Monmouth, who is generally believed to have been Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley.”

We are happy also to include in our deck same gender options and in our third edition we’ve added a “persona” option featuring La Dame, Mille. Lenormand, as the wise Seer/Voyante and Le Monsieur, Johann Kaspar Hechtel as the Inventor/L’Inventeur. Both played influential roles in Lenormand cartomantic history:

“After Lenormand’s death her name was used on several cartomancy decks including a deck of 36 illustrated cards known as the Petit Lenormand or simply Lenormand cards still used extensively today. The 36 card Lenormand deck is modeled on a deck of cards published c1799 as part of Das Spiel der Hoffnung (The Game of Hope), a game of chance designed by Johann Kaspar Hechtel of Nuremberg.”

Vive Lenormand Revolution!

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