Krampus & Birchwood Whip

Our Second Printing + Krampus & the Lenormand Revolution

On Friday, December 14, we’ll be taking orders for a reprint of the Lenormand Revolution deck!  This will be our second limited edition run.  Check back here on Friday for updates and an announcement.  In the meantime, in the spirit of Christmas, and for all you naughty Lenormand rebels, here’s a little history about the Lenormand Revolution’s Birchrod/Whip or La Verge card.

Krampus meets the Lenormand Revolution

You may or may not be aware that residing in the pernicious, dark underbelly of the Lenormand Revolution, lurking like a sinister beast between the cards 10 and 12, is the fearsome goat-like beast we call Krampus. If you study this card more diligently, you’ll notice the ghostly figure in the background adorning card number 11, with its outstretched fist clenching tightly on a bundle of ruten (birch branches).

Krampus is the ultimate antithetical St. Nicholas, born of Alpine folklore.  The beast will appear once a year in December to serve as a reminder to naughty children to be nice, or else during this festive season he’ll snatch them and carry them off to his underworld realm where he’ll consume them as a tasty meal.

For many centuries, the Catholic Church along with other religious movements tried hard to eradicate Krampus from their celebrations. His pagan legacy and demonic appearance were too disgraceful to share with the celebrations surrounding the birth of Christ. However, Krampus eventually persevered, and, perhaps as some form of compromise, managed to become paired with St. Nicholas.

Today we can find Krampus with St. Nicholas enforcing fear by castigating children in the streets from Montana to Austria. Krampus lives up to his name on our card, titled the Birchrod/ Whip.  His weapon and tool of choice can be seen as a stark reminder to be on your best behavior and clean up your act, regardless of the season.

The Birchrod/Whip in the Lenormand Revolution acts in a similar way when it appears in a reading. It can be seen as whip and broom. It can indicate that we might be putting ourselves on either end of abominable behavior and tells us to sweep free of such dialogue especially when one-sided or reactionary. This could manifest through verbal confrontations or a sharp rebuke from the long serpent tongue of Krampus. When not in check this can become a real tongue lashing.

The card has a controlling aspect to it, similar to the way in which a whip is used to exert control. The inner demons are often active when this card is in use and can emanate as self-abuse or addictive behavioral patterns. The card also indicates repetitive motion and can signify someone who is passionately obsessive about something or someone, including those with compulsive disorders. Musicians and athletes are also often linked with this card, for example when music practice or repetitive motion in sport are used for improvement.

Think of something you might do over and over again in order to get it right.  Is it an obsessive misuse of energy, or is it a truly disciplined action the repetition of which is refining? What would you like to repeat this season and what are you ready to sweep away?

In the spirit of Krampus, we wish you a very happy revolution!

5 Comments to Our Second Printing + Krampus & the Lenormand Revolution

  1. by Nadiya Shah

    On December 11, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    I’m waiting for the app, since I need my divination on the go! I’m so excited about this!

  2. by Carrie Paris

    On December 11, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    The app is soon to follow, Nadiya. Can’t wait to hear what you think. Big hug Kent sister!

  3. by Nick Hendry

    On December 12, 2012 at 2:35 am

    Carrie I am so excited the date has finally came! Friday can’t come fast enough. I am excited to be able to hold these in my hands. I’ll probably sleep with them like a kid with a Teddy Bear….lol.

  4. by Carrie Paris

    On December 12, 2012 at 4:19 am

    Nick, you always manage to bring a smile to the revolution. We are thrilled with your excitement and eager to see the Lenormand Revolution make its way to your pillow 🙂 Sweet dreams!

  5. by Sylvia

    On April 6, 2013 at 3:50 am

    Believe it or not.. This is the first time I’ve learned of Krampus! When I saw the devil-like image on this card, I had to remember that this isn’t Tarot. Your explanation clears it up for me.

    Can’t wait for the app!

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