Four LR KingsFour Kings of the Lenormand Revolution

Meet the four Kings in the Lenormand Revolution

Each is positioned behind his card’s corresponding number and can be incorporated into a reading as a person of interest. The Kings usually point to an older male, perhaps someone of authority, a patriarch, or an ex.

For example, the King of Spades, found behind the number 30, can represent an elder father figure who possesses wisdom from experience. Card 6, the King of Clubs, can point to a moody chap who shows up as an ex more often than not.

The King of Hearts lives in card 4 and can point to a man around the house, while in 34, the King of Diamonds, we sometimes find an executive with deep pockets. As always look to the surrounding cards for further insights.

We look forward to presenting you to the Queens next week. Stay tuned!

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