A Valentine's Day Spread

Valentine’s Day Spread: The Love Letter

“Home in three days. Don’t wash.”

–An urgent missive sent to Josephine from Napoleon

More than any month of the year, February inspires lovers everywhere to put pen to paper and express their innermost desires. In the Lenormand Revolution, the Letter card features one of many passionate missives written by Napoleon.

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The Lenormand Revolution 3rd Edition

3rd Edition of Lenormand Revolution Deck Now Available

The third edition of the Lenormand Revolution deck is now available!

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And here’s a preview of the new box design featuring Eugène Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People—a hint at one of the surprises in the latest edition.  The new deck, at 2.5” x 3.5” is larger than previous editions, a change many of you asked for.  A fantastic improvement!

For those of you interested in the history behind our bold cover, read on!

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Krampus & Birchwood Whip

Our Second Printing + Krampus & the Lenormand Revolution

On Friday, December 14, we’ll be taking orders for a reprint of the Lenormand Revolution deck!  This will be our second limited edition run.  Check back here on Friday for updates and an announcement.  In the meantime, in the spirit of Christmas, and for all you naughty Lenormand rebels, here’s a little history about the Lenormand Revolution’s Birchrod/Whip or La Verge card.

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