The Lenormand Revolution Mini Featured by Mary Greer

Don’t miss this recent post on Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog The Petit Lenormand Tradition. It is a wonderful write up on the Lenormand Tradition, outlining its essentials and listing 14 Reasons Why the Lenormand Deck and Traditional System Are So Special. Plus an appearance by one of The Lenormand Revolution’s cards.    

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The Queens of the Lenormand Revolution

Meet the Four Queens of the Lenormand Revolution

Last week while introducing you to the four Kings in the Lenormand Revolution, we promised a look at the Queens. Like the Kings, the Queens are tucked in a rococo style frame and sitting behind their corresponding number. Each bring their own unique qualities to a reading and can point to a person of interest. And while it is not necessary to incorporate the royal cards into your reading, we do recommend you take note of the Kings, Queens and Jacks, especially when inquiring about a person.

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Our Deck's Revolutionary Couples

Revolutionary Couples

On March 9th, 1796, Josephine de Beauharnais and Napoleon Bonnapart married. Together they represent the first couple, or cards 29, La Dame/Lady and 28 Le Monsieur/Gentleman, in the Lenormand Revolution.

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